Intense Gaming

A San Andreas Multiplayer Community

About us

We're a newly established Gaming community that has big plans for the up-coming future.

Nick Ravello

Founder | Executive Director


Founder | Executive Director


Founder | Executive Director


Executive Director

We have a slew of Games to chose from:

SA:MP | Garry's Mod | MTA


Below our our current services that we provide to our players

Our Forums

Our forums are now open to the public, here you can find all server-releated info.

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Teamspeak 3 Server

Our Teamspeak server is online and ready for players to join,


Our Shop

Spot something in-game that you would die for? It's mostlikely on our shop.


San Andreas Multiplayer Server

Our server is open to the public and ready for you and your friends to join!


We take our players Suggestions

And make take them into consideration