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About Me!

Ravello - Founder

Hello, my name is Nick, I am the owner and founder of Intense-Gaming.org. Today I am here to discuss several things. First let me start off by introducing my self  a little. I’m from Canada, I design in HTML,C++,.NET,PHP, And much more. I enjoy gaming as much as I enjoy coding. People say I have a great sense of humour and i’m always “Chill” I’m looking forward to meeting new and interesting people.

So, now that you’ve read a little bit about me let’s get started.

What do we do?

Well, we’re a group of gamers that play on various gaming servers [GMOD|CS:GO|MINECRAFT|BO2|] and much more. We all have a passion for gaming and always bring it to the next  level.

How do I join?

The process is somewhat simple, we’re always looking for new members. There’s really no standards as long as you’re mature , laid-back and can take a joke. You will fill out a Form and that will be directly emailed to me, I will then respond to your form and hopefully you do end up joining the group.

How do you chat?

Currently we’re using Skype, there’s not many of us so it’s essential at the moment, when the community expands then we will purchase a Teamspeak server.

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